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Collectively within the company our experience includes Investment Management, Trading and Compliance including Regulatory Risk, Insurance, Digital Media, Accounting,  Office Management Services, Wholesale, Retail , Manufacturing and our overall experience is growing.

The organisations that we have worked with are shown by sector and covers direct and end-clients of Gargan Limited. Organisations pre-Gargan Limited are taken from Paul Gargan’s personal experience from 1978-1998. Personal experience for other Gargan Limited staff members is not detailed.

  Our clients include:

•  Investment Management
 · Fund, Asset and Wealth Management
 · Investment, Private and Retail Banking
 · Stockbroking
 · Capital Markets
 · Money Markets
 · Commodities
 · Regulatory Compliance
 · Risk Management
 · Trading and Risk Platforms
 · Treasury
•  Payment Services
•  Digital and New Media
 · Web Portals
 · Web Services
 · eCommerce
 · eBusiness

•  Insurance Claims and Underwriting

  Our services include:

•  Management Consulting
IT Consulting
•  Programme Management
Project Management
  Portfolio Management
PMO - Project Management  Office 
•  IT Management

•  Business Management

•  Consultancy Services

•  Central & Local Government
•  Transport
•  Retail including Billing
•  Wholesale
•  Manufacturing and Stock Control
•  Finance 
•  Payroll
•  Office Management
•  Procurement 
  (Supplier & Client sides)

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