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Our management has helped clients to deliver major strategic programmes and also to support the business activities required for daily operation. Our experience of working closely together with clients at a senior management level has helped create our client centric approach to consulting. 
Our consulting approach puts the client’s interest at the centre of everything that we do. As a result, our focus is always firmly maintained on delivering to our clients bespoke requirements, safeguarding client’s interests and providing value added services where appropriate. We believe this is truly unique in today’s marketplace and together with our experience, places the company firmly in the niche category.  
We provide flexible arrangements to meet your planned and unforeseen needs, for example:
We can help you with problems that you may find difficult or impossible to resolve with the time and resources at your disposal. We see this as our greatest strength.
Specific resource requirements can be delivered to help you in the short term while a longer term solution can be put in place.
Consultancy services can be delivered to your specific needs.
We offer Valued Added Services to help support clients such as, providing Best Practices and Structure for work already in progress and developing Strategic Road Maps for future work.

  Our services include:

•  Consultancy 
   (Management Consulting & IT Consulting)
• Programme Management

• Project Management

• Portfolio Management

• PMO - Project Management  Office 

• Software

• Systems Delivery

• Systems Implementation

• Systems Review

• Feasibility Studies

• Reviews (Best Value, Technology, Service,        Project)

• Business Case

• Requirements Management

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